Looking around at all the great content that is on Medium I think it is fair to say that most Medium members don’t worry about SEO friendly titles or SEO in general.

Image of a girl in a cafe doing SEO on her laptop

They write content behind the Partner Program paywall and so are only interested in Medium members seeing their content because it’s those guys who generate the income. Having an SEO friendly title or meta description is just not on the radar.

But what about those who don’t put their content…

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Best LEGO Technic Sets to buy — AFG — Car Edition

LEGO Technic allows you to create more advanced and detailed models compared to the regular normal LEGObuilding sets that we know and love.

My first Technic set was the Formula 1 car and it was a mammoth build.

My son now also has a passion for LEGO and I am only too willing to buy it for him.

I have been doing some research on the LEGO technics sets that are currently out…

100% agree you need your own site. I learned that lesson using Blogger.

Is orphaned content damaging your SEO results?

Today I discovered the easy way to fix orphaned content on WordPress.

Orphaned pages are pages and posts that have no inbound internal links pointing at them making them hard to find for both search engines and visitors.

If Google can't find your pages and posts then you're in trouble.

This is the fastest way to find orphaned content

Orphaned content could be damaging your rankings in Google and if you have no internal linking strategy then you are probably sitting on a ton of pages or posts that are orphaned.

Please note this post does contain an affiliate link to Link Whisper

What is orphaned content?

Orphaned content is pages or posts…

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